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After 9 months... an update at last!
Saturday, October 6, 2012

Song Title: Hui Guo Qu De
Artist: Fish Leong
Release: September 2012


I have been very not bothered blogging this year
*sigh* lazy me
hmm tho i did try to post something on my LJ
update... on what has happened in the past 9 months
wow its been 9 months since i update omggg O_O
i cant even remember half the crap that has happened
january... holiday
february... was still holiday + uni started, oh i got accepted into UNSW to study Information Systems
march... um uni and i had a pretty awesome 18th bday party XD
april... boring uni + was a pretty good month, bf and all
may... more uni and starting to feel screwed
june... uni exams T_T so glad i got through semester 1, went clubbing for the first time (29th)
july... uni holiday + crap happened
august... happy 1st bday kizunafs + uni + being active on forums again
september... uni is starting to kill meee T_T
october... updating this blog because umm... Heather made me feel like doing so

i can predict whats going to happen in the future too (just incase i dont update till next year):
november... stupid uni exams + holidays start
december... yay summer holiday + burning in the sun DX

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[SOTD] 040112
Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Song Title: Bu Yao Bu Yao
Artist: Genie Zhuo
Release Date: 28th December 2011

不要不要 胡搞瞎搞 
不要不要 乱七八糟
你得不到 也别困扰 
乖乖很好 说好不好 

Just realised this song had a MV LOL!
Its the theme song for the twdrama "office girls"

Another exhausting day T_T
can i please have a break like soon? LOL
gonna like drop dead seriously D:
- Macq Uni
- Syd Uni

Yep went to 4 unis for their info day
didnt even manage to gain much from the first 3 unis
UNSW was seriously LOL
walk in to the place with the stands
asks BIS "can you still apply for it, i thought the interviews ended"
then the lady there pretty much got me to fill in a form and got me to do a "20" minute interview LOL
only lasted 10 haha
thought i totally failed cause i couldnt come up with any questions to ask and the interview was totally unexpected
hm learnt from cadetship interviews that if you dont ask them questions it doesnt show interest = you dont do as well but i guess i still did okay since apparently i passed yay!
now i just have to wait for uac to accept me T_T
hope i get accepted!

If i dont get accepted im going to be like argg i went to their info day to ask the arts faculty questions but ended up doing an interview for their business faculty LOL!
totally defeats the purpose of going really haha

OMG afterwards was just LOL!
Me, Kristy and Jacqui giving Ang an extremely unexpected visit ROFL!
that just made my day, seriously haha~~

Yay~ Welcome back Kristy <3
Thanks for driving 4 hours in total today Jacqui ^^


9:22 PM

[SOTD] 030112
Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Song Title: Ai Wo De Mei Ge Ren
Artist: Selina Jen
Release Date: 21st December 2011

謝謝你們 愛我的每個人
陪我掙脫 勇敢地去醒來
當我的護衛 為我禱告心靈更強韌

Another solo from Selina's single :3 

OMG so exhausted from today
- Pancakes @ North Strathfield
- Burwood Plaza
- Noogi @ Strathfield
- Movie: Mission Impossible
- Dinner

i should go to sleep soon :/
going uni info day tomorrow ):
yay for seeing Kristy again but im kinda like i cbb anymore
but i have questions to ask so might as well go i guess .__. 


11:41 PM

[SOTD] 020112
Monday, January 2, 2012

Song Title: Zhong Zuo Yi Ge Meng
Artist: Selina Jen
Release Date: 21st December 2011

就算是风吹乱我的梦 再不能触摸
就算方向变不同 重作一个梦
天使会再降临 阴霾终会过
我经历了沉淀过 再做梦

Selina's solo single is surprisingly pretty good
since cpop has been pretty disappointing lately

Mum is abusing what i said T_T
i said i would help her and work after new year...
One day after new year and she gives me a pile of stuff to do *pout*

Yay, Stell is finally back, welcome back~ ♡ 


8:12 PM

[SOTD] 010112
Sunday, January 1, 2012

Song Title: Seasons
Artist: Jin Akanishi
Release Date: 28th December 2011

I'd rather have a rainy day with you than see the sunshine alone
Or have a hundred days of winter with you in my arms
I'll be your shelter from the storm just to have you by my side

Nina decided to post 366 days worth of pictures so i'll attempt to do it with songs LOL!
I'll probably fail within the first month though haha


11:17 PM

Welcome 2012

2011 is over...

The common questions people usually ask around this time such as... "If you could turn back time and relive the year, would you? and what would you do differently?" I don't think i would want to relive 2011 tbh haha, reliving 2011 means retaking the HSC, so no thank you~ haha

New year means many new things including starting uni this year OMG!
I'm actually a bit scared of that LOL!

New Year Resolutions for 2011 all failed so i wonder why i even bother with them haha
but i shall make a few just for the sake of it!
1. Meeting deadlines [i need to stop lagging stuff *feels bad*]
2. Study properly! [i need a 75 average to transfer nex year!]
3. Get more sleep [at preferably the correct time of the day]
4. Stop splurging money . . . [not possible, scratch that]
5. Become more sociable [?]
6. Stop going over my mobile cap T_T 

1. Get my Ps (in March/April)
2. Transfer into BArts/Commerce
3. Meet heaps of awesome people haha!
4. Possibly get a job?
5. Blog often like what i used to do

Thank you Sammy for letting us crash at your house <33

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[Daily] 111211
Sunday, December 11, 2011

*lazy with photo for now
will insert later*

Philip's Island Tour

- Chocolate Factory
- Lunch at some finishing place
- Farm with Victorian houses
- Koalas
- Amaze'n Things
- Dinner at another animal place
- Penguin Parade

Ended up getting back past midnight .__.

2:00 AM

[Daily] 101211
Saturday, December 10, 2011

*insert photo... later LOL
phone isn't connecting to my laptop properly*

Site seeing with Lizzy and Joanna
- Federation Square
- National Gallery of Victoria
- Melbourne Museum
- Carlton Gardens

i wanted to go in the Royal Exhibition Centre
it looks awesome!
but sadly it wasnt opened *pout*

Dinner afterwards and then watched a musical :3
Love Never Dies
it was actually pretty good ^^
bought the soundtrack for grandma for christmas

Tour tomorrow
i'm going to freeze to death ):

LOL! bought a $35 game card thing for the arcade in Crown
cause theyre going on Monday to the casino
sadly im still under 18 as Lizzy keeps pointing out
so i have to find something to entertain myself with at night =.=
tempted to take my laptop there but im going shopping in the morning so idk might be bothersome to carry it around for the whole day and shop at the same time
guess ill decide when i know the details etc.

Anyway gotta wake up at 7:15 so...
*gets ready for bed*

11:50 PM

[Daily] 091211
Friday, December 9, 2011


The Great Ocean Road 
12 Apostles and some cliff that looks like a face
Woke up at 5:45am (2 hours sleep) 
And a 5 hour bus ride 
Total of 8 hours just to see "12 rocks"
there arent even 12 now anymore =.=

Anyway im slightly annoyed at the moment
so not much blogging today 

I might skip the museum and gallery site seeing
and go shopping instead if Joanna goes to work

Hope tomorrow will be more fun for me 
today was like boring 
and my phone was out of battery 
my camera ran out of battery too T_T 
so not many great pics of the sandstone rocks ):

4 more days to go~ 
i honestly cant wait to go home! 

11:01 PM

[Daily] 081211
Thursday, December 8, 2011

Shopping in Melbourne Central and QV
Only 2 shopping centres ):
Lizzy didnt want to shop much *pout*
she wants to site see .__.
OMG! spent $800 already T_T
cause of tours ($250) =.=
that i wasnt planning to go on :/
hm though i did like spent $200...
on 3 dresses LOL

:D at the sales it was like 30% off only today
but only 1 of my dresses were on sale =.=

hm another $300 till i meet my limit D:

went dinner with Joanna's mum's bf :/ lol
they're is this really cool looking pub ^^
it looks like an alleyway :3
no pic cause its on my camera

I wanna go take a look at topshop :3
it opened today
but its like 40 minutes travel time
and lizzy doesnt want to go shopping anymore
hmm do i really want to go there myself? :/
idk *sigh*

anyway plan for the next few days:

Friday: seeing the 12 apostles + beach + night market
probably wont spend much... maybe $20 so thats good :D

Saturday: 'sightseeing' =.= + musical
then Lizzy and Joanna want to go see some club/pub
prob wont go with .__.
not that im worried about me being U18
right now i just dont feel like it
somewhat _____ so yea...
hopefully i wont spend over $50

Sunday: tour to philip's island
ah im gonna be cold ): *pout*
no spending i guess :/

Monday: shopping ?
i want to go topshop
prob go alone *sigh*
since Lizzy wants to go crown casino
*puts a $200 limit on self*

Tuesday: well i have half a day...
10 - 1:30 ? probably cbf going city for 3 hrs
but shall see, depends LOL
might check out the Chinese Restaurant in QVW
that my 'uncle' told me to take a look at
and check out their china town

ARG! waking up at 6am tomorrow FML
cant remember the last time i woke up so early

11:56 PM